Cycling is an excellent way of getting around and can offer you several health benefits. 

Did you know? The best way to build your cardiovascular fitness on the bike is to ride for at least 150 minutes every week. You could cycle to work a few days a week, or do a couple of shorter rides during the week with a longer ride at the weekend. You’ll soon feel the benefits. (NHS).  

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Cycling is another excellent way of getting around and can offer you several health benefits: 

  1. Low Impact – less strain and injuries than most other forms of exercise 
  2. Muscle Workout – did you know that cycling uses all of the major muscle groups as you pedal? 
  3. Easy – Unlike some other sports, cycling doesn’t need a high level of physical skill. 
  4. Strength and Stamina – cycling can increase your strength, stamina and aerobic fitness. 
  5. Vary your Intensity – Cycling can be done at a low intensity to begin with, even if you’re recovering from injury or illness, but can be built up to a demanding physical workout. 
  6. Fun – Cycling is a fun way to get fit, the sense of adventure and buzz you can get from being outdoors in Scarborough means you a more likely to continue to cycle regularly compared to other physical activities that keep you indoors or require special times or places. 
  7. Time efficient – as a way of getting around, cycling replaces sitting time spent sitting in traffic with healthy exercise and can often be a quicker way of reaching your destination! 
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Routes and maps 


For more information on general cycling routes around Harrogate, Knaresborough, Ripley and Wetherby, please download our Active Travel Harrogate Map. 

Connects North Harrogate with Ripley & offers level off road cycling for all users in rural settings through to Ripley. The Greenway forms part of national cycle trail 67 which continues south past the Harrogate Showground and on to Spofforth and Wetherby where it joins other national cycle routes. 

Miles: 4 

Time: 24 minutes 

NCN route 67 goes south from Ripley along the Nidderdale Greenway to north Harrogate.  The Route continues through Harrogate past the Harrogate Showground and continues South to Follifoot, Spofforth and Wetherby where it links to the wider national cycle network. 

Miles: 5 

Time: 35 minutes 

This circular route uses traffic free cycle routes from Bilton down towards Harrogate town centre and then back up to Bilton from Starbeck. Some care should be taken crossing Knaresborough Road in Starbeck and inexperienced cyclists may wish to dismount here and walk their bikes for a hundred yards or so until they reach First Avenue.  Occasional sections of busy roads require care to be taken. 

Miles: 7 

Time: 60 minutes 

The Beryl Burton Cycle Way links the attractive market town of Knaresborough with the northern side of Harrogate and Bilton Road.  The route is mostly traffic free and level. At the point where Bilton Lane meets the Nidderdale Greenway a ramp provides cyclists with access to the disused railway which links to Starbeck and the Greenway Route to Ripley. This is NCN route 636. 

Miles: 3 

Time: 25 minutes 

The loop takes in a newly created stretch of cycle way linking the showground to Hornbeam Park and continues off road down towards the south west corner of Harrogate. This route is relatively flat although best tackled in clockwise direction.  

Miles: 4.5 

Time: 40 minutes 

This route takes in the northern part of Harrogate through the historic area of the Duchy Estate. The route uses off road cycle routes past the Hydro Swimming Pool and then winds its way back into town through historic tree lined avenues. Hilly but worth the effort. 

Miles: 3.5 

Time: 30 minutes 


Scarborough benefits from some great cycling trails, including the Cinder Track which runs from Scarborough to Whitby along a disused railway track.  

Miles: 21.7 

Time: 1 hour 50 minutes 

Miles: 32 

Time: 5-6 hours 

Miles: 10.5 

Time: 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours also provides a range of cycling routes for different abilities with downloadable routes. 

Download our map to show where the off-road cycle paths are in Scarborough.  


Skipton benefits from some great cycling trails and breath-taking scenery and is the Gateway to the Dales. Cycling from Skipton is a great way to explore the beautiful landscape, while also helping you to get fitter! 

For routes visit: 

Download our map to show where the off-road cycle paths are in Skipton.  

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      Cycle Clubs

      • Hambleton Road Club, Northallerton
      • Colomba Cycle Club
      • NYMBO, Richmond
      • Malton Wheelers Road Club, Malton

      Fancy some company on your ride? Or perhaps you want to ride alongside others to boost your stamina? Below is a list of cycle clubs in the Scarborough area: 

      • Selby Cycling Club

        Fancy some company on your ride? Or perhaps you want to ride alongside others to boost your stamina? Below is a list of cycle clubs in the Skipton area: