Car Sharing

During the Covid-19 pandemic, for the latest Government guidance for travelling click here and if possible, work from home if you can. When things return to normal, car sharing may then be advised but until then, opt for alternative transport modes.

Are there no public transport services to your destination? Or it is too far for you to walk or cycle? You can still save money and the environment on your commuting, business, shopping, personal or any other trips by Car Sharing. 

Car sharing is where two or more people share a car together, cutting the cost of fuel, parking, emissions and the stress of driving alone. You don’t even need to have your own car; many drivers are happy to give a lift in exchange for a contribution to the journey’s fuel costs. 

Sometimes, businesses have Car Share bays meaning you can park much nearer the entrance and you know you’ll get a space! 

Consider it today and start saving. Find a car share partner at: